Sewing Machines

Over the years, not only has the look and form of sewing machines changed but so too has their range of use and the way in which they operate.



Here are the types of sewing machines to consider

Mechanical models

Mechanical Sewing Machine

If you're an occasional sewer or on a budget, this type should work fine.They require you to manipulate most controls by hand and can handle the basics: repairs, hems, simple clothing, and crafts projects.


Electronic models

If you sew frequently or can spend more for an automated machine, an electronic model might be a worthwhile investment. These shift many tedious sewing jobs from your hands to computeElectronic Sewing Machiner chips.

Electronic machines have stronger motors so they don't struggle with heavyweight fabrics and constant use. These machines also tend to have superior stitch lines, with more evenly spaced and therefore stronger, stitches.

A typical unit offers touchpad controls, an LED screen, an array of presser feet and settings for dozens or even hundreds of stitch types.


Embroidery/Sewing units

In addition to all of the features and options found in an elaborate electronic machine, you'll also have the ability to do monogramming and embroidery for projects such as garments, bags, bedspreads, and pillowcases. Embroidery sewing machines can add beauty and themed detail to anything you sew. They usually have a removable embroidery unit so the machine will meet any sewing need.

Bitten by the sewing bug?

And that the only thing standing between you and daily sewing is the lack of a good machine, then buying the best you can afford gives you plenty of scope for growth.

Start Stitching!

The fact is, there's no easy answer to which is the best machine for you, but by recognising who you are as a sewer, how much you can afford to spend, and what your sewing desires really are, you can narrow the choices down and find a machine that will give you years of sewing fun. Good luck!

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